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ChiCeLaCu! Is the Children’s Center for Language & Culture with 2 locations in Northern Virginia for in-person Spanish class for preschool age children & up as well as a wide variety of online Spanish classes.

In-Person Spanish classes available for children in Alexandria VA including Spanish Immersion Preschool, After School Care, Spanish Saturday School, Summer Camps and a Spanish at Your School program for Elementary, Middle & High School students.

ChiCeLaCu! Spanish immersion preschools include small class sizes, dynamic teachers, outstanding curriculum and a nurturing environment so that children can thrive academically, emotionally & socially. ChiCeLaCu! Is licensed by the Virginia Department of Education for both preschool & daycare.

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After School & Spanish Saturday Schools offer Spanish Immersive Tutoring that is open to all children regardless of their current Spanish language skills and will provide a strong Spanish language foundation as they prepare to take foreign language classes in Middle & High School. Different programs are available including Spanish for Native Speakers as well as Spanish for English Speakers. Summer Camp is also available for children ages 3 to 10.

Online Spanish Language Classes including before & after school Spanish online programs, Spanish for Kindergarteners, Beginner Spanish online courses 1 & 2, Intermediate Online Spanish Courses, Advanced Online Spanish Courses and Online Courses for Spanish Speakers & Highly Proficient Spanish Speakers.

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Google Review by E Merino

The teacher Ms. Yvette is exceptional. She goes above and beyond not only in teaching the kids but also in the affection she provides. Ms. Monica and Mr. Yuri together have provided a safe and fun place for our daughter to enjoy. This was her first time attending school & had never been to daycare, we thought we would face some mornings were she would be resistant to the new routine but we did not have one day that she was not excited to go.The entire staff does a great job of mitigating COVID risks. We really appreciate all the precautions they are taking. Our daughter has learned so much while attending and she is learning through play and songs. Her social skills have really flourished. We look forward to the year to come.

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